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Effective Grease Trap Cleaning Methods

Grease trap cleaning methods

grease trap cleaning methods? Table of Contents Effective Grease Trap Cleaning Methods Grease traps are essential components of commercial kitchen drain systems. They are special plumbing devices designed to intercept grease waste and solids before entering sewer lines. Over time, layers of thick grease, food scraps, fats, and oils can accumulate inside if not properly […]

What is grease trap cleaning and its functions?

Man Doing Grease Trap cleaning Image

What is grease trap? Table of Contents Keeping Your Kitchen Flowing Smoothly Have you ever wondered what keeps a kitchen running smoothly? Well, let me tell you about one important aspect. In our experience working in kitchens, we have learned how crucial grease traps are in preventing grease, oils, and gunk from clogging up drains […]